Take a look at what some of the students who participated in TRiM sessions said.

“The biggest factor in me managing my mental health this year has been the support and information that TRiM has provided, and I have developed a healthy relationship with exercise as a result. It has been an effective way of reducing unhelpful thoughts and I can now envisage a routine in which my mental health is well managed.” – Dillan

“TRiM was the stepping-stone I needed to get back into running in a healthy and supported way. Using exercise as a way to manage my mental wellbeing has been incredibly transformative and provided me stability and the chance to grow my strength and resilience in day-to-day life.” – Ellie

“TRiM taught me there was a way to practice mindfulness in a structured way, a way that made you reflective and then able to practice that in your normal life. I loved that there were different grounding techniques so that if you struggled with one you could find one that better suited you. What I most learnt was that we can turn everyday moments into something meaningful, a run around campus helped ground me and this is a lesson I’ll take forward with me. Mike was an excellent guide, really friendly and welcoming and always made sure everyone in the group felt included” – Suzanna

“Rather than seeing running as another outlet for self-improvement and perfectionism, TRiM taught me to tune into my body and breath. As a result, I felt less judgmental about my performance, and used the time to listen to my body rather than berate it. Consequently, I now see running as a way to get out of my head, find my running rhythm and just relax. I have even noticed improvements in my mental clarity and energy after the sessions.” – Natasha

“TRiM has been so awesome. Currently, I am finding it quite hard to continue running without having that group of people whom I have committed to meet on a Friday” 

“I found TRiM to be a really good way to switch off from being in study and work mode, stressing about the future. Starting mindfulness running as a group with Mike was a great way to look after both my mental and physical health, which is good when as a student you feel you have limited time” – Hollie